вторник, 27 декември 2016 г.


In our football betting tips for today we’d like to present you a very difficult, but also a rewardable strategy - the four draws accumulator.

In betting accumulator is when you combine four or more selections in one wager, multiplying the odds in the same time. In this way you can really improve the odds in your wager and chase a bigger profit, but you also keep a higher risk for a failure because of the increased amount of selections.

What is the four draws accumulator? Well, it’s really that simple as it sounds. You task here is to pick four games which you think are going to end with a draw and put them together in an accumulator. How we said, it’s an extremely difficult task to achieve, because four is a really huge number, when it comes to draws. Draws are very difficult to be guessed, leave it alone when they are not two, not three, but four!

You’d need a really good research if you want to achieve success with this strategy. See which teams are finishing a lot of their matches with a draw. Also, you should look at the head to head records and see if certain rivalries often finish with a tie. There are teams who often share the points against each other, no matter when they play. You just need to find them!

This accumulator is not a strategy which you should use as your main way to bet. You should do it more for fun or excitement, then relying on it for a long term profit.

We hope we helped you with another one of our football betting tips. If you think that the four draws accumulator is suitable for your skills and style of betting, then you could try it. We wish you a good luck!